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  3. First of all I would like to say. Welcome to the new offical home website and server of The Fantasy Craft Tekkit Lite network, And welcome all New and returning Players Okay I do know you lot have been asking for more updates and info about the server and on that note I plan to post an weekly update post with news and updates Server updates Utopia Server : Player/admin shops and new spawn So over the last week or 2 im sure you have seen that there has been new player shops being built under gound at the new spawn and also the admin shop will be there as well. And i know players have been asking about the casino being closed, with that the plugin that runs the slot machines needs to be reworked also there are plans for it to be rebuilt at the new spawn. Now minium prices (this applys to all servers) for player/admin shops and trade, are being reworked you can view the prices that are done here (https://thefantasycraft.net/item-prices/) Chaos Server: hmm nothing new to report for it yet Mining Servers : Both Utopia and Chaos Mining Servers Will be reset on 1st of June 00:00 BST (any items left in the mining world are not refunded) Skyblock Server : Nohting new to report for it yet but the staff has been talking about resetting skyblock? (but ill be posting a another post/poll about that later) Minigames Server: or is there?? as some old players might know/remember the was a server called prison and there are/have plans to rebuild that server into a mingames server ( but ill be posting a another post/poll about that later)
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